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  • A Rooftop Tour costs SEK 595/ person in Stockholm and 350 SEK/ person in Sundsvall.
    If you are a group, please contact us for more information and prices.
    Mailaddress is

  • A rooftop tour is a guided tour of the city and country´s history- from then and now - but instead of taking a regular guided tour, we conduct ours on a rooftop.
    You will wear a full body harness which is connected to our wire system attached to the roof, running alongside a catwalk system. We walk on this catwalk, secured into our safety system. During the tour there are some passages where you need to be able to bend your knees, climb up and down some staircases, and walk on the catwalk where only a 1/4 of the tour track has a railing. This is not a climbing or repelling adrenaline activity, but rather a unique and interesting guided tour with fantastic views.
    Our track is 300 m long, with several platforms. On the platforms the guide will speak about interesting and entertaining stories of what you can see whilst you are enjoying the views. Eventhough it is a short walk the tour takes 1 hr. 15 min. from start to finish.

  • From the start at the meeting point until the end of of the tour back on the ground it takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. We go through safety measurements, get dressed properly with a harness. We spend approx 50-55 minutes on the roof.

  • We do not cancel tours due to rain, rather the saying " When in Rome, do as the Romans do! " applies. The guide of the day always goes up on the rooftop prior to the tour, to check the conditions. In the event of rough winds, thunder or snowstorm or even extreme fog the guide may decide to cancel the tour for safety reasons. Should that happen You will get Your money back.

  • Yes, if you notify us no later than 7 days prior to your booking. Remember though, that you may only change the tour date, cancellation is not possible.

  • Your gift voucher is valid for booking until June 5th, i.e. You can book your tour for later in the summer, as long as you book before the voucher expires.

  • Everything can happen. Illness or a cancelled trip might spoil Your chances to a booked Rooftop Tour. You can always rebook or prolong Your tour or gift certificate. However, all tours can be cancelles due to the Swedish law " Konsumenköplagen" ( except a Gift Card you received as a gift ). In that case, we will always refund Your money. Please note, that if Your purchase was conducted via Iphone and iZettle, that is a card via mobile phone, we will keep 2,89% of the total amount due to iZettle administrative conditions.

  • Tours before noon are available solely for pre-booked groups such as companies, cruise guests etc. Public tours are only available in the afternoon, except for the most weekends, when the tours starts around 10 o´clock.

  • All transactions go via the homepage. To book, click on Book and Buy, and choose among the available dates. In the calendar you will see upcoming tours from choosen date and one week ahead. When You have chosen your date, you will pass on through to DIBS Debitech, a secure payment system, where You can use VISA or MasterCard to complete Your booking. Remember that the booking needs to be in the same name as the cardholder. If you have a gift certificate, simply follow the instructions to book your tour.

  • We gather at the staty of Gustav II Adolf right in the center of Stora Torget ( Main Square ).
    Please be there approx 5-10 minutes before Your scheduled time.

  • We gather at the statue of Birger Jarl, right at the center of Birger Jarls Torg ( Square ) at Riddarholmen.
    Please be there 5 minutes before Your scheduled tours. Our guides will pick you up by the statue.
    The nearest metro station is Gamla Stan ( Old Town ) - use the Riddarholmen exit.
    IMPORTANT: Right now there´s a lot of constructions going on out on the island of Riddarholmen . Our meeting point, the statue of Birger Jarl, is for the moment hidden behind construction containers. It is still our meeting point. Just go around the containers and you´ll find the statue. The guides, geared up in full body harnesses will pick you up by the statue.

  • We don´t have any facilities on the roof, neither on the attic in Stockholm.
    There is a possibility to use the WC in case of emergency at the ground floor before we get to the attic.

  • Due to safety reasons we don´t allow Selfie sticks on our tours. You can get great shots anyway. And if you want to take a group picture, just ask one of the guides. They will gladly help you out. WE don´t allow any loose items on the roof, i.e. cellphones and cameras. They have to be attached either around Your wrist or hanging around your neck, We even provide transparent plastic pouches You can use for your cellphone.

  • No, using a drone is not allowed.

  • Yes, as long as it can be safely attached either on the helmet or the harness.

  • You can fell safe! Our guided Rooftop Tours comply with all safety requirements.
    The safety appliances on the rooftop meet all requirements of the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning. All of the safety equipment, as wll as our safetysystem on the rooftop are approved according to the EU-standard and are CE-marked.
    The guides are certified in CPR ( cardiopulmonary resuscitation ) and height-safety measures.

  • * You need to be at least 145 cm / 4.86 feet tall. If You are under the age of 18 You need to be accompanied by a parent or alternatively a custodian.
    * In accordance with safety directions we require that You do not weigh over 120 kgs/ 264lbs.
    * You cannot be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    * You must wear stable shoes, no heels.
    * Not have a history of cardiovascular problems.
    * Not having a fear of heights or a tendency to faint.
    * We do not allow selfie sticks or any loose items on the roof. Cellphones and cameras will have to be attached either around Your wrist or hanging around your neck. We provide transparent platic pouches fastened around your neck if you would like to take pictures with your cellphone.
    * You are not allowed to film with a drone on our roof.

  • It is up to you. It is not dangerous to do a Rooftop Tour, this is ´nt a climbing adventure. But it contains bending of the knees, leaning forward etc. so if that makes you dizzy we would like you reconsider. We use fullbody harnesses that are adjusted and fixed over your chest and around each thigh. If one falls on the roof, we cannot guarantee You won´t fall on Your stomach and that counts for everyone.

  • If you´d like to book with your gift certificate, please choose a tour in our calendar and go to "check out"
    Please fill in your giftcard number in the box showing " Gift Card Code"
    Do you have several giftcard numbers you´d like to use for the same booking, please don´t forget to insert a space between the codes.
    A booking confirmation will be send to your address once the booking has been confirmed.
    In case you have any questions don´t hesitate to contact us on

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